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Technical report

Identifying priority areas for restoration: Amazon biome

This report demonstrates, through the use of PLANGEA, that the optimal restoration of just 10% of the degraded area of the Amazon would generate revenue of up to R$132 billion. This could occur through the commercialisation of carbon credits. Only available in Portuguese.

Nature Research Article

Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration

This article presents an unprecedented multi-criteria optimisation approach (PLANGEA) to identify priority areas for restoration in all biomes. It was found that restoring 30% of converted land would decrease the risk of species extinction by 71% and sequester 49% of carbon.

Science Editorial

A Decade for restoring Earth

In this publication, Bernardo Strassburg draws on data generated by PLANGEA to identify opportunities for the Decade of Restoration (2021–2030). These opportunities aim to reconcile ecosystem restoration with multiple socioeconomic and environmental benefits.

Policy Forum

Set ambitious goals for biodiversity and sustainability

In this publication, scientists raise points to be considered to reverse the decline of nature. The paper feeds new information to PLANGEA to enhance functionalities to direct conservation actions.

Executive Summary

Prioritising areas for forest recovery in the Brazilian Amazon

Through the analysis of scenarios built within PLANGEA, interactions between benefits and costs of Amazon forest recovery were described. The simultaneous optimisation scenario presented the second-best result in relation to cost, climate mitigation, and reduction in species extinction. Only available in Portuguese.